Whirlow Grange Ltd is the Charitable Company that is in partnership with All Saints, Ecclesall to Operate the Whirlow Spirituality Centre.

Each year The Directors, taking account of the financial resources available to them, will set aside a part of the Charity’s income to make grants to individuals and corporate bodies for religious and educational purposes primarily in the field of Christian Spirituality and, from time to time as the Directors see fit, in other areas of Christian life.


  • Applications will be considered from any corporate body belonging to an organisation affiliated to Churches Together in England and located within geographical boundaries of the Diocese of Sheffield or the Sheffield District of the Methodist Church, or within 30 miles of Whirlow Spirituality Centre.
  • Applications from individuals will need the support of a sponsor usually, but not necessarily, the individual's minister who will undertake to support and 'mentor' the individual through the process and will be subject to the same geographical limits as for corporate applications. Individuals not connected to a local church should contact the Chaplain, Whirlow Spirituality Centre for advice.
  • No grants to corporate applicants shall exceed 25% (with a defined maximum grant allocation) of the budgeted cost of the course or programme forming the subject of the application and will not be paid until actual costs have been determined subject to the allocated maximum figure previously notified.
  • No Applicant will receive more than one grant in any one calendar year for any specific project.
  • For programmes covering more than one year a new application will be required each year.
  • Grants to corporate applicants will be paid in arrears when the actual costs / numbers involved can be compared to budget and therefore the actual programme cost for the relevant year can be more clearly defined.  Corporate applicants will be required to report this information when applying for draw down of the previously allocated grant which will be paid subject to the limits already laid down.
  • The Board reserves the right to make specific exceptions to these general conditions as it sees fit and to change and alter them as required to meet changing circumstances.

Application Process

Applications in the format set out in the Application Form together with a detailed budget setting out the relevant cost information (where appropriate) are to be submitted in writing two weeks prior to a Board Meeting for consideration by the Board. 

Applications will be dealt with in the order in which they are received taking account of the Board's financial resources at the time of consideration of the application.  Applicants will be notified of the Board's decision within 10 days after the Board Meeting.  The Board's decision will be final and not open to negotiation.  Board Meeting Dates will be published on the website.