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Deep Talk @ Whirlow in 2019

Deep Talk

Deep Talk is an invitation to a communal conversation about and engagement with our life journey.

Founding stories from scriptures and other sources are brought to life and then retold from different vantage points. Deep Talk can give courage and freedom to participants, who re-imagine their own story in a safe group context.

This is Whirlow’s final Deep Talk day for 2019, led by Jeremy Clines. Places can be booked below, under the More Details section.

More details:

During a Deep Talk day at Whirlow, stories on the day’s theme are told – or shown - using sand and wooden figures. These act as a springboard, hopefully leading participants into a new language in which to tell their own story.

The method uses principles from Christian Spiritual Accompaniment and peer-to-peer conversation. It aims to be authentic, holistic and playful. It can address the immediate challenges of each participant’s context, as well as their longer-term aspirations.

Deep Talk is done in a safe, inclusive environment. Guidelines – or terms of engagement - will be laid out at the start of each session. Information about follow-up support will be given at the end.

The method can be useful for those who know where they are in relation to Christian faith, as well as those who are agnostic or of another faith.

Running order for days at Whirlow:

930 - arrivals and coffee

10 - introductory comments and guidelines; story session 1

1130 - story session 2

1230 - lunch (bring your own)

1.15 - story session 3

2.15 - break

2.30 - story session 4

3.15 - closing comments and information on how to follow up

3.30 ends.

If you require more detail, please contact us.


A Deep Talk day costs £18. Free tickets are available to university staff and students providing their university card number. If you wish to come but the cost is prohibitive, please contact Whirlow Spirituality Centre to discuss.

Theme for 2019 - at times our activity, connections and inner life are noticed; at others they pass unnoticed: at times they bring us agreement; at others, argument; at times they overwhelm us; at others they feel underwhelming. These ebbs and flows will be explored at Deep Talk.

Deep Talk - 3 Oct. Overwhelmed / Underwhelmed.
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