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Becoming Whole: four, one-day coaching retreats

The Becoming Whole series will offer space for reflective, mindful exploration of the individual person’s different ‘selves’ and their journey towards wholeness.

Participants will work with peer partners using life coaching questions, metaphor, mindfulness, movement, words and colour to create a place of safety. From there, they are invited to explore four ‘selves’ on four days:

The Embodied Self (16 Nov 2019); The Shadow Self (8 Feb 2020); The Playful/Creative Self (25 Apr); The Integrated Self (11 Jul).

All four days will be facilitated by Master Coach, Jane Moffat. They include a delicious, nourishing lunch and are bookable as a series or as stand-alone retreats.

Day 1: Our Embodied Self - 16 November 2019

This retreat will offer:

·         an exploration of the different ways we can listen to our bodies

·         an opportunity to gain awareness of how bodies are used when we listen to each other

·         a discovery of what our bodies tell us about our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

 Day 2: Our Shadow Self - 8 February 2020

On this retreat, participants can work creatively with metaphor in order to:

·         enhance awareness of the shadow self

·         get to know where we locate our shadow: its size, shape and colour

·         discover what the shadow self offers and how we can befriend it.

Becoming Whole: Our Shadow Self - 8 Feb
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Day 3: Our Playful/Creative Self - 25 April 2020

This retreat will be a day of fun! Participants can ‘out’ their inner clown and nourish the inner child through the joyful freedom of creative self-expression.

There will be opportunity to work with colour, movement, words and shapes while experiencing the energy of the season, awakening bodies and revitalising minds and spirits.

Day 4: Our Integrated Self - 11 July 2020

In this retreat, participants will be invited to visit:

·         What they hold dear and true

·         Their ‘selves’ - where they have come from, their growth and maturation, their personal evolution and spiritual development

By the end of the day, those attending will know more of who they are and how they wish to move forward in their journey to wholeness.

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