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The Great Spiritual Migration Book Group

“The Christian story, from Genesis until now, is fundamentally about people on the move - outgrowing old, broken religious systems and embracing new, more redemptive ways of life. It’s time to move again."

In The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World’s Largest Religion Is Seeking a Better Way to be Christian, Brian McLaren argues that - notwithstanding the dire headlines about the demise of faith and drop in church attendance - Christian faith is not dying. Rather, it is embarking on a once-in-an-era spiritual shift. 

We will study his book in the hope of finding inspiration, provocation, encouragement and a spur to good discussion. Each of the 4 evenings will cater for anyone interested in the book and keen to discuss it with others. They will also contain an optional element for people involved at Whirlow Spirituality Centre who wish to consider how ideas in the text might help shape our corporate sense of identity and calling.

The group will be of most benefit to those who can find and read a copy of the book in advance and attend most sessions.