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We Who Sing, Pray Twice (3) 18 May

This is the seventh year of the “We Who Sing, Pray Twice” evening sessions.  Each evening is a standalone event with no pre-booking and no charge.

We learn simple sacred rounds and chants in four-part harmony: songs of joy, gladness, sadness and peace, from a variety of sources. The silence that follows the singing offers the opportunity to be still, or to pray or meditate.

About the Evenings

Starting with a gentle body and voice warm-up and some simple rounds, we move on to learn songs and chants in-four part harmony. We appreciate that some people will be unfamiliar with this type of singing – or with any type of singing! – so we will help you find the part that best suits your voice, whether you sing high, middle or low. Songs are learnt by ear, with simple hand movements as a guide – no musical experience is needed.

Once the songs feel embedded we start singing them repetitively. Someone will lead each part, so no-one is on their own.

The focus of the session is singing the songs together…as they wash over us they can be a way in to stillness, to prayer or meditation in the “dazzling silence” that can follow.

All are welcome: churchgoers and non-churchgoers, Christians and non-Christians, all those seeking to open themselves to God, or to find or deepen their experience of God.

About the Group

Gill Greenwood has trained as a natural voice singing practitioner and is a member of the Contemplative Fire Community.

Nick Cocking has sung in music groups at a number of churches, most recently at Christ Church, Pitsmoor.

David Beddow enjoys working with the St Clement’s Church Choir in Horsley, Derbyshire.

Linda Batten has enjoyed We Who Sing evenings for the past 4 years and, as a Quaker, found them peaceful, fulfilling and uplifting. She also enjoys teaching singing.

Gill Upham has been coming to the Whirlow evenings since 2013 and they have become an essential element of her spiritual wellbeing. Gill sings with a natural voice choir.

Mark Strong writes sacred songs and teaches singing in the natural voice tradition.

For more information contact Gill: gillsinginfo@gmail.com