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Holy Week Reflection 4 - The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus is condemned to death

Pilate asked what crime Jesus has committed. It was a good question. Jesus had annoyed the religious leaders, of that there was no doubt. He had been critical of social and religious structures. He had healed the villagers;he had told stories to the crowds; he had probably been a threat to public law and order; but was that enough to condemn him, to end his life?

But he would not defend himself – the story teller was silent now and the crowds was noisy and Pilate handed him over to be crucified.           

Jesus is nailed on the cross

We look on from a distance: a distance of time and space and culture, a distance of a Friday evening in Sheffield in Lent. And for us it hurts to watch Jesus dying, even at a distance. It hurts to know we are being shown a better way. It hurts to know how much we are valued and loved.

For the depth of your love for us, we thank you.

God in your mercy,


(From Stations of the Cross in Eggs and Ashes. Wild Goose Publications