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Taken, Blessed, Broken, Shared

Many of you reading this will be aware of our weekly Reflective Eucharist held each Tuesday, 9.45am - 10.00am.

Yesterday's worship contained a contribution by Jacky Stride, a Whirlow volunteer and regular contributor to Quiet Days etc. Jacky read her own composition as Rev Di Williams broke the bread and poured the wine - a beautiful and moving Eucharistic Prayer:

Preface – Gospel of Thomas: Logion 108

Whoever drinks what flows from my mouth Will come to be as I am

And I also will come to be as they are So that what is hidden will become manifest.

Taken, blessed, broken, shared

Bread, taken with faltering hands

and held with unworthy gratitude;

offered again and again

in an endless stream of love.


Bread, blessed by ancient words

of promise never broken.

Made holy by your eternal presence

freely given in all realms of existence.


Bread, crumbled between the

fingers of the Father, for me.

Broken again by my inability

to love as you have bidden me.


Bread, shared in corporate recognition

of a common hunger,

a unity which cannot be corrupted

or spoiled by a world of duality and fear.


Bread, enfolded into my body,

your “thou” coursing through

the essence of my “I”.

You in me and I in you.


Wine, drinking in your mystery

sip by glorious sip,

revealing the God within each one.

Taken, blessed, broken, shared.

Jacky Stride   February 2016