About our speakers Jenny Tibbles and Aglaia Barraclough


Jacky Stride

jacky at allotment.jpg

Jacky first got interested in Myers Briggs when she was practising as a counsellor. She trained as a practitioner to help her clients understand themselves better. She is now a spiritual accompanier, retreat leader, runs the Spiritual Growth and Transformation Course and facilitates quiet days. She is an allotmenteer and a Grandma.

Jacky is also a member of the Whirlow Spirituality Centre community and a companion of Contemplative Fire.

Lynne Quinney

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Lynne has been a Myers Briggs practitioner for over 20 years. During her career in Learning & Development in the NHS, Lynne made extensive use of Myers Briggs as a means of helping people better understand themselves and others.

Since retiring, Lynne has continued to use Myers Briggs with faith-based groups and charities. She and Jacky have run a number of workshops together.