Christian Spirituality

'Teach us to pray' the disciples asked Jesus.  So began the exploration of Christian Spirituality.

Our desire is to provide a safe space for people to connect with God, themselves and others on the same journey.  We offer Whirlow Spirituality Centre at the Chapel of The Holy Spirit as a sanctuary along with resources and people to support those searching, exploring and journeying on the road to who they are meant to be in God.

‘Teach us to pray’ the disciples asked Jesus.

Christianity has tremendous resources to help people explore prayer, deepen faith and enable discerning God in life.  Sadly these are too often underused and little explored.  From the contemplative to the charismatic, from poetry to silence, the range is wide and inviting. In the present age, where spirituality is a word much misused and diluted, there is a great opportunity to enable and encourage the exploration of prayer and spirituality. 

This is our aim and mission at Whirlow Spirituality Centre. 

Spiritual Accompaniment

We recognize there are different ways of describing 'being accompanied' on our spiritual journey. It has been called spiritual direction, accompaniment, guidance, companionship and soul friendship. One definition is:

Help given by one Christian to another which enables that person to pay attention to God’s personal communication to him or her, to respond to this personally communicating God, to grow in intimacy with this God, and live out the consequences of the relationship.
— Barry and Connolly, The Practice of Spiritual Direction, 1984

If you would be interested in finding a companion for spiritual direction please contact Karen Colley on 01709 309116 or send an email to karen.colley@sheffield.anglican.org.